For distant or local temperature indicating Mercury in Steel Thermometers are quite reliable and TEMP TECH manufacturers these Thermometers in various Ranges as per customer’s requirement.

General specification for these thermometers are:-

Where local mounting is required Rigid Stem Dial Thermometers can be used.

For distant reading Temperature Gauges with capillary lengths up to 15 mtrs can be supplied. They can be either Panel, Flush or Surface mounted type. The necessary brackets for panel mounting will be supplied along with the gauges protection to capillary done by spring steel with PVC coating or with SS armour.

These thermometers are also can be supplied with 2 No / NC contacts to use as temperature indicating switch . The temperature can be set for alarm on the Dial. When the Set Temperature reaches, the NO / NC Contacts will Close / Open. these contacts can be wired for Alarm or Trip.

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