TEMP TECH makes Orifice Plates from 1” NB Pipe sizes to 24” NB Pipe Size. Orifice plate materials are available in SS, Monel, Inconel, etc… Concentric Square Edged or Quadrant Edged, type of Orifice Plates are available.

Plate holders / carrier rings are available as per the customer’s requirement and    will be supplied with the material compatible to flanges.

The flanges for orifices are with raised face / Tongue & Groove (RTJ) confirming to ANSI / DIN Standard.

The type of flanges include SORF / WNRF …etc.. Flange materials are of Forged quality and materials include Carbon Steel to CS-A-105 and ASTM-A-182, F 316 , F 304 , F-321 , F-11 & F 22.      

Flanges made of Monel 400 Inconel 600 materials are also available.

Orifices can be individually calibrated and supplied if required.
Venturies  can be individually calibrated and supplied if required.
TEMP TECH makes Flow Nozzles in SS 316 material and designed as per ISA – 1932 design. Easy in installation and high accuracy in Flow measurement are the main features of these nozzles and they are much suited for Steam Flow Applications.
Flow Nozzles can be individually calibrated and supplied if required.

Many types of accessories to use with RTD and Thermocouples are available as listed below:-

Die Cast Aluminium Terminal heads of all sizes in Weather Proof & Flame Proof (CMRI Certified).
SS / Nickel plated Brass cable glands.
SS / CS plated Unions & Nipples
SS Clamps for mounting surface RTD’s
Adjustable bore through fitting for mounting RTD’s & Thermocouples
Adjustable Flanges
SS / CS Plugs.

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