Faster Response, High Accuracy in Temperature Measurement low self heating error and easy of maintenance , sturdiness , ease in replacement are  the main features of these RTD’s . Various types and sizes are available with the following Specifications:-

For Hazardous Applications where Terminal Head has to be certified for the area classifications, RTD’s with Flame Proof and Explosion Proof Heads are available.

All the Flame Proof Explosion Proof Enclosures are   certified for Group II – A, II – B  with batch certificates and Group II - C with individual certificates. The enclosures are certified by CMRI, Dhanbad. Cable Glands suitable for area of application are supplied with Enclosures (optional).


The terminal head is extended for mounting on thermowell with various types of Union & Nipple joint. The material of construction is C.S. or  SS for  Union & Nipples.                                            

The unions are of forged quality.
The terminals are Nickel plated brass with spring loaded terminal block. This ensures  RTD   insert to be always  kept  pressed and touching with the Thermowell for faster response.
For protection of the RTD’s , Protective sheaths (Thermowells) are used. RTD’s along with Thermowell is  a full assembly supplied by  TEMP TECH. Various types of  thermowells are available which are covered separately . The selection of thermowell for your application is the important aspect  of the Temperature measurement.
In the Application of Air Temperature monitoring …etc.. where there is no process pressure. RTD’s can be used without thermowell . The RTD insert can be directly mounted into the duct. The immersion length can be adjusted with the help of bore through  fitting supplied with the RTD.


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