Temp Tech manufactures RTD’s for special applications where they are exposed to high radiation in Nuclear fields . Withstanding of high radiation up to  100 Mega Rads in high temperature and humid environment is the specialty of these RTD’s. 

These RTD’s are made from radiation resistant materials and are hermitically sealed  with ceramic to metal seals. These RTD’s are manufactured with the following specifications.



These RTD’s can be used for all application where high precision in Temperature

Measurement and faster and  response low self heating error and high Insulation  Resistance  up to 500 M Ω is needed. The Thermowells for these RTD’s are specially designed with tapered bore and tapered outer dia.



The inserts are made of Silver with Tapered OD and spring loaded. This ensures faster response due to metal to metal contact with Thermowell.

We have developed special reamers with special taper angles for this purpose. 

Integral SS sheathed MI cable with constantan or copper leads can ensure reliable  extension of RTD up to Junction Boxes. Usage of constantan leads ensures negligible change in lead resistance due to change in environmental temperature.
Bayonet Type of connection between insert and thermowell ensures quick connection or disconnection, there by making the replacement much easier.
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