These are Strap on Type and meant for the applications where pipe surface temperatures are measured. These RTD’s are made as per the following specifications.

All the Flame Proof Explosion Proof Enclosures are   certified for Group II – A, II – B  with batch certificates and Group II - C with individual certificates. The enclosures are certified by CMRI, Dhanbad. Cable Glands suitable for area of application are supplied with Enclosures (optional).


The clamps for mounting is self locking type and never gets unlocked due to pipe vibration or any other vibration.                                           

The sensor housings are  of SS 316 and made to suit the pipe curvature. These are specially milled and surface grounded to a smooth finish so that there will not be any air gap between pipe surface and sensor housing. This ensures the measurement of true temperature of the pipe surface.
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