Thermowells are the protective sheaths for RTD’s, Thermocouples, & Temperature Gauges . Proper selection of material for the Thermowell will save the sensor from damage and gives reliable service.

TEMP TECH  manufactures all types of Thermowells with almost all metals like SS, CS, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, Hastalloy B & C and non- metallics like Ceramic, Teflon .

The Thermowells are designed as per the customer requirements and ASME PTC 19.3 code is followed wherever applicable.

Thermowells are made as per the following specifications.

TEMP TECH manufacturers long single piece Bar Stock thermowell up to a length of 1500 mm without a weld joint and we are the leaders in the manufacture of such long bar stock Thermowells. Bore concentricity of 5 % of wall thickness is maintained through out.
There are many types of custom made thermowells manufactured by TEMP TECH in which some of the types are mentioned here.
Screwed Thermowells:

These Thermowells are used where thread connection are required.

Flanged Thermowell:

These Thermowells are used where Flange connections are required.
Bayonet & Tapered Bore Thermowells:

These Thermowells are used for quick connection and  disconnection and faster response.
Ceramic Thermowells:

These Thermowells are used for high temperature applications up to 17000C.
Surface Coated Thermowells:

These Thermowell are used wherever high abrasion Resistance  and corrosion Resistance is required.     
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